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--“Reynolds knows how to create and sustain tension without resorting to sensationalism.”—Gary Krist, The New York Times Book Review

--“Reynolds evokes more in his first 200-page novel than James A. Michener manages in the average two-pounder.”—Tom McClellan, The Texas Observer

--“The small-town ambiance is convincing, and the situation packs a whallop.” –Kirkus Reviews

--“The Vigil is an original and must be lauded for its unique style and holding power.” –West Coast Review of Books

--“The book is deceptively simple . . . yet Reynolds has saturated the atmosphere with nuance, with the silky threads of sexuality, with haunting dreams.”—Doris Ober, The San Francisco Chronicle

--“Clay Reynolds’ ability to embroider a simple story makes this a quietly captivating read.” –Kevin Whitehead, The Baltimore Sun

“The Vigil is a novel that draws a reader to itself. Good novels do that.” –Ronald Reed, The Dallas Morning News

--Winner of the Oppie Award for Fiction, 1986