Hardcover - 432 pages (July 1997)
Carroll & Graf; ISBN: 0786704071
Mass Market Paperback - 448 pages (December 1998)
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 078600598X


--“These players drive the story through its three days of relentless, writhing action. Along the way, Reynolds places them with memorable effect—all the while creating a landscape both solidly real and frighteningly imagined.”—David Middleton, San Antonio Express-News

--“A fine, twisted tale of betrayal, crime and punishment among lowlifes at all socioeconomic levels of the Lone Star State.”—Kirkus Reviews

--“The plot is ingenous, the resolution a forehead-slapper, and every character as real as the book in hand.”—Booklist

--“Reynolds' hard-edged prose is well calculated to captivate the reader right up the final trigger squeeze.” –Publisher’s Weekly

--“One of the great strengths of Players is Reynolds' admirable control as he unfolds an intriguing, multi-layered plot, and, particularly, the way he reveals his characters through dialogue as much as through narrative description.”—Betsy Berry, Texas Observer