Hero of a Hundred Fights

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At a time when the West was still being won, when its living legends had not yet assumed the stature of folk heroes, Edward Zane Carroll, better known to the world as Ned Buntline, not only wrote about these heroes—he was one of them. Assuming the role of a sailor, soldier, duelist, showman, gambler, bigamist, and rabble rouser, Buntline was above all a writer—and arguably the most successful dime novelist of his day.

Now western novelist and literary critic Clay Reynolds brings Ned Buntline’s best-loved work back into popular culture in THE HERO OF A HUNDRED FIGHTS: Collected Stories from the Dime Novel King, from Buffalo Bill to Wild Bill Hickok (June 2011, Union Square Press). With an in-depth introduction that traces Buntline’s life and work, and extensive notes setting out bibliographical details and acute literary analysis for each story, as well as an historical examination of the importance that Ned Buntline's works played in shaping the forms and frames for modern fiction, this handsome edition of four full-length unabridged novels features some of the most colorful characters in Western history.


  • Western Writers of America Roundup Magazine Interview with
    Clay Reynolds by Dale L. Walker
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