Franklin's Crossing
Paperback Reprint edition (April 1993)
Signet; ISBN: 0451175549

--“An ambitious and absorbing novel.”—Larry McMurtry.

--“Reynolds creates remarkable characters, and displays a knowledge of time and place.” Dee Brown

--“Filled with ongoing violence (made all the more horrible by the matter-of-fact presentation) and fleshed out with flashbacks into the lives of his characters, this powerful tale paints an unforgettable picture of a time and place not nearly so distant as it seems.” –Kirkus Reviews

--“This is a novel rich in imagery and characters. . . There are times the reader simply wants to look away, but the tension, coiled like a spring, will not permit it.”—Elmer Kelton, Texas Books in Review

--“Reynolds’ depiction of terrain, place, and people is believable, including well-drawn characterizations.” –Library Journal

--Franklin’s Crossing is a dynamite book, a ‘page-turner’ as they used to say, and an intelligent one full of characters one will be hard put to forget.” –Bryce Milligan, The Texas Observer

--“This is the West as it was, and Reynolds has done a remarkable job of bringing it to life.” Mark Johnson, San Jose-Mercury News

--“Though he writes here about the American Southwest, Reynolds’ vision becomes universal in its examination of man’s capacity for evil in the struggle to find a better life or merely to survive.”—K. W. Davis, Southwest American Literature

--“Franklin’s Crossing is a book of racial conflict, a non-romantic story of the American dream, a development of three dynamic characters who make their choices and find self-definition in the agony that follows.” –Ernestine Sewell-Linck, Western American Literature

--“This novel lingers in memory long after the last page has been turned.” –Tom Pilkington, The Dallas Morning News

--Winner of Violet Crown Award for Fiction, 1992

--Runner-up for Spur Award for Best Western Novel, 1992

--Entered into Pulitzer Prize competition for fiction, 1992