St Martins Pr (Trade); ASIN: 0312011709
as Rage
Paperback (January 1994)
Signet; ISBN: 0451403509

--“Clay Reynolds is an arresting new voice in American fiction, a write of scope, vision, and vigorous storytelling ability. . . Agatite contains the best sustained gunfight since Glendon Swarthout’s The Shootist—readers will finish it gasping, wrung out . . . and eager for more.” – Stephen King.

--“This is strong stuff, as hard and gritty as the stone for which the town is named. Clay Reynolds plays for keeps.” – Robert Flynn, The Houston Chronicle

--“This second novel shows that Reynolds is no literary flash in the pan. “ – Tom Hallman, Portland Oregonian

--“Reynolds is an emerging voice in modern fiction: his settings are regional, but he uses, as do good writers of any generation (Flannery O’Conner, i.e.) the geographic region and its eccentricities as the metaphoric statement of a universal vision of humanity. He knows the agonies of the heart and he has an abundance of technical skill to present his knowledge in compelling prose.” – K.W. Davis, Southwest American Literature

--“Reynolds manifests the versatility of his talent and an ability to tell an absorbing, shocking story with subtlety.” – Review of Texas Books